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We Save world against Diseases.

Brand new health care platform MEDIC

MECRO BlockChain

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MECRO is listed on Singapore's largest exchange, Digifinex. By alliance with Digifinex, we will effort to spread the value of MECRO.



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Information and assessments of healthcare institutions that consumers did not easily access are easily available on the "MEDIC" platform. Transparent information can be obtained  through reviews from actual consumers.

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All the information and records made sing our technology are recorded on the MECRO blockchain. There is no risk of information being tampered with or leaked because information is recorded and managed using blockchain technology, rather than being managed by a person at risk of information leakage or sale.

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Economic efficiency

By issuing cryptocurrency, the medical information ecosystem centered on medical consumers will be established by collecting inspection records and health care data of examines


Worry about 
Medical collapse from 
outbreak of COVID-19

After COVID-19 penetrated our lives, our lives became completely different.
As fast as the virus is changing and spreading, our response has to be as fast. Due to the rapidly spreading pabdemic nationwide, we actually faced a medical collapse in early 2020, when we were unable to respond properly due to lack of manpower and supplies. On a personal level, Concern for health care like, how to prevent COVID-19 and how to protect yourself from diseases is increasing more than ever, such as how to protect your health even when your activities are limited due to social distancing. 
We introduce medical technology develop day by day to the public and
create a "MEDIC" platform that uses the MECRO blockchain for consumers who feel uncomfortable using existing medical services. We want to eliminate the asymmetry of medical information through the MEDIC platform and regain sovereignty over personal information using blockchain technology.


Cutting edge 
Health care

MECRO has a collaborative system with hospitals that provide 
state-of-the-art medical services, providing customized medical services to
users of the "MEDIC" platform. Currently, the medical community is 
changing from treatment-oriented medical care to prevention-oriented
medical care that detects and prevents disease before it appears. 

Current technologies such as artificial intelligence are used to determine
the presence of diseases in advance. This helps treat diseases faster and
safer than traditional methods. MECRO is working with hospitals with
cutting-edge medical technology to create an ecosystem of MEC tokens
that allow them to use cutting-edge medical services.

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MECRO Platform

Eco system 

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MECRO's blockchain is implemented on the publicly available AOK blockchain platform AOK Mainnet. The AOK blockchain has been operating a number of applications normally since the release of the white paper and the launch of the mainnet, with stable speed and quality. AOK's blockchain network is operating solidly. 

The mechanism of anonymity effectively protects the personal information of consumers in the health and beauty industries. The 'Medic' platform consists of hospital communities, wallets, health examine data boxes, events and notifications, and will establish an ecosystem of blockchain health and beauty industries. The 'Medic' platform consists of hospital communities, wallets, health examine data boxes, events and notifications, and will establish an ecosystem of blockchain health and beauty industries.


Platform function

Medic Wallet

MEC holder can easily reserve hospital using wallet for "MEDIC" only. Users can check own withdrawal 
and deposit history and additional MEC from events will be transmitted to the wallet. Users can deposit 
not only MEC, but also Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Tron. Atomic swap function which can swap between 
major coins and MEC in the wallet, now in developing.


Token model

Usage and Plan

Users can make a reservation hospital's clinic services by paying tokens.
Patients and token holder's data recorded on platform and hospital automatically.


400,000,000 Mecro



130,000,000 Mecro



40,000,000 Mecro



30,000,000 Mecro




Kim Jong-deok

Seoul National University 
Political diplomacy

前)Samsung Electronics 
Staff Training Officer

前)Sirius CEO




Liu Hua

淸華大學 Global marketing

前)Baidu Marketing Team  Leader

前)阿里巴巴 市场部经理

現)MECRO marketing director


Liu hai-tao

南京大學 贸易专业

前)淘宝网 采购经理

現)MECRO 采购经理


Cho Su-pyeong

淸華大學 Global marketing

前)Baidu Marketing Team Leader

前)阿里巴巴 市场部经理

現)MECRO marketing director




Hyun-sik Jung

  • Graduated from Kyung Hee University College of Oriental Medicine

  • Doctor of Blood Central Internal Medicine


  • Director of Odang oriental Hospital

  • Director of Dankook University Convergence Medical Center

  • Adjunct Professor of Bioconvergence at Dankook University Graduate School

  • Director of the OlBareun nursing hospital

  • Director of Jangdeok Oriental Hospital's Immunological Cancer Center

  • Current President of the Jeong oriental hospital.

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Gwan-hong An

  • Graduated from Chung-Ang University college of Medicine

  • Completion of a surgical residency at the Catholic Univ. college of Medicine.

  • acquisition of orthopedic surgeon

  • orthopedic surgeon at St. Mary's Hospital at the Catholic University college of Medicine.

  • Professor of surgery at St. Mary's Hospital at the Catholic University college of Medicine.

  • Lifetime member of the Korean stem cell Association

  • Professor of Surgery at Dankook University Oriental Clinic Center

  • American Ultrasound Engineer

  • a gastrointestinal endoscopy specialist

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1.This white paper is intended to help you understand the MEC business. Investors are encouraged to purchase through exchanges or open sales channels at their own discretion.

2.MECRO, we do not guarantee return on investment to the buyer

3.MECRO, we do not guarantee the price after listing.

4.MECRO, we do not promise repurchase at the specified price.

5.MECRO, we do not operate branches or sales agents.

6.MECRO investors should make their own judgment that they are not in violation of the blockchain policy of each country.

7.Despite technical efforts, MECRO may incur investment losses depending on market conditions.

8.Despite our efforts, market instability or risk of market collapse is possible.

9.MECROs' main notice is to prioritize the presentation of the homepage.

10.MECRO Other policies are announced on the official website.

11.MECRO is not a stock or any way of value guarantee.

12.MECRO business model may change slightly depending on the agreement with the partner company.

13.Purchase of MECRO coin must be done by the buyer himself according to local law, AOK does not make any legal guarantee for purchase.

14.Among the contents mentioned in this white paper, the business model may change its brand or target in the process.

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